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The THREE biggest challenges graduates face when applying for jobs

The THREE biggest challenges graduates face when applying for jobs

The THREE biggest challenges graduates face when applying for jobs & how to overcome them

So you’ve probably heard this before:

“You haven’t got enough experience”

“ You need to be more confident”

“ It’s SO hard to get a job in that industry, it’s just about who you know to get you through the door.”

Demoralising right?! 🙃

It’s easy to feel stuck in a viscous cycle when on the job hunt. 

Without experience how are you supposed to get the job but without a job, how are you supposed to get any experience?

But, it doesn’t have to be this way! 

When I was at university studying fashion design, there was so much pressure on getting an industry placement which would usually be based in London or Manchester and be unpaid. 

Most people, including myself, would struggle to live in two of the biggest cities in the UK for a year without getting paid. This inspired me to look at alternative ways to get experience and develop my skills in a real world setting. 

There is so much more to getting experience than just landing an internship. 

Here’s how you can overcome the three biggest challenges facing students and graduates applying for their dream jobs.

👋 Need more experience?

Share a passion project/ showcase your skillset. 

The more you share, the more visible you become to employers. Choose a brand you would like to work for or create your own.

Develop a passion project that highlights your skills and provides value!

👋 Need more confidence for job interview?

Break through limiting beliefs using mindset techniques. 

Practice catching your negative thoughts when you experience them. Don’t just take them as fact, question them as get to root of what is causing you to believe this about yourself.

You might find you are standing in the way of your own success.

👋 Struggling to find job opportunities?

Share your career journey on LinkedIn and grow your network. 

Job opportunities might not come from a traditional job advert so be open to new things. You can reach out to employers in creative ways to get their attention. 

Focus on cultivating your network and sharing value. It will come back to you in so many ways.

And remember, you are doing great! 

Keep going and don’t be afraid to share your journey.

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